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Preserving the past

Lockmoor Farm

Preserving the Great Falls way of life. A window to the past, the way Fairfax county used to be. We are dedicated to wildlife and nature while adding new and exciting attractions for the local area.

In the heart of great Falls

Just 2 miles from Great Falls park and a half mile from Route 7 lies our farm. We are pleased to anounce planning for our 2020 to 2023 plan to convert our wonderfull property into a community farm while preserving the natural beuty of our contryside vistas

goat and lamb

Currently we are raising a flock of grass fed goats and lambs for sustainable farm to table butchers

Bee Keeping

Bees may not be the most popular of insects, but it is clear that they play a vital role in the health of our environment. Bees pollinate plants; without them, we wouldn’t have flowers or many of the foods we eat

Grape Vineyard

We are in the process of laying the ground work for planting 30 acres of grapes at lockmoor farm

within Reach

Urban Area With Accessibility

One of the closest farmlands within reach of the nation’s capital, lockmoor is perfectly situated to Washington DC and tysons corner. 

From fresh local honey to small live stock and grape production, the past comes to life all the while looking to the future.

Our Flock

Grass fed and sustainable

Sustainability means responsibly meeting the needs of today while improving the ability of the next generation to responsibly meet their needs in the future. Grass Run Farms believes in family values, the healthy benefits of pasture-based meats, and environmental stewardship. Our farmers maintain healthy land, manage pastures that sequester tons of atmospheric carbon, and treat livestock in a humane and respectful manner.

Migratory bird sanctuary

Lockmoor has a 5 acre pond which is a stopping ground for mallard ducks and Canada geese. Our protected pond is stacked with giant koi fish and is maintained as a natural watershed runoff

Grass Fed goats

Grass Fed goats

Our herd grows by the day, providing heirloom goats for local restaurants and ethnic groups that cannot source their meats from commercial sources

Grass Fed lamb

Grass Fed lamb

Our herd grows by the day, providing herloom Lamb for local restarants and ethnic goups that cannot source their meats from commercial sources

Local Honey

Local Honey

whether raw or boiled, filtered or unfiltered, in the comb or extracted; as long as it is fresh and locally produced. You can find our  local organically produced honey to your liking




Soon we will be planting 30 acres of grapes on our sloped hillsides. This will provide grapes and possible wine for the Great Falls region, as well as providing nourishment for our bee population

horse boarding

horse boarding

great Falls is horse country, Lockmoor is targeting Q4 2019 to start its boarding program. With 80 acres of land and up to date stables, we will provide the town with a close by place to keep their horses

Let’s Build Something

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